How To Speed Up Your Invoicing Process

Posted on 20 August, 2015  in Education, Tips

If you are working in a veterinary clinic you will know how tedious and time-consuming the entire invoicing process can be. You will have to create invoices for each of your patients and you will,  as so many health practitioners do, most likely send them on their way using postal mail. You may possibly also already have some experiences with incorrect invoicing data or the one or the other mistake that happened when you had to manually transfer invoicing data into your vet’s accounting system.

electronic invoicing and e-invoicingThis is where electronic invoicing can be a great help.

With e-invoice, all the above disadvantages of conventional invoicing can be addressed.

As the name implies, e-invoice means that all your invoicing data is converted into an electronic format.

The electronic invoice can instantly be sent and received. This alone can save the office considerable time and costs.

In addition to the much faster processing times for electronic invoicing, e-invoice moreover help to significantly reduce mistakes and errors since the entire transfer process of paper invoice data into a computer system won’t be necessary any longer. All your invoicing data is kept at one central location which likewise means much easier management and organisation of invoices.

How does electronic invoicing work?

Electronic invoices are back compatible your existing invoicing process in that you can still continue to create your invoices as usual. The only difference here is that you won’t have to print out the invoices any longer but instead send the PDF invoice to an e-invoice service by electronic mail. The e-invoice service provider then converts your data and immediately dispatches it.

There are no other requirements if you want to use electronic invoicing in your office.

If you are looking for ways to speed up things in your veterinary clinic you should definitely consider electronic invoicing since it can make a big difference!

Apprenticeships in Manchester

Posted on 19 November, 2014  in Education, News, Tips

Whether you want to become a vet or plan to get in any other career today, chances are it won’t be that easy. Many career fields in the United Kingdom are extremely competitive and employers have also gotten very picky in whom they want to hire.

This is especially problematic for all those fresh graduates who are just out of school and are now looking for employment. With more employers very picky in whom they hire, many freshmen don’t have a chance because of the simple fact that they lack firsthand experience in a given field.

Apprenticeships in Manchester

Apprenticeships in Manchester: A Great Opportunity For Fresh Graduates

In some cases it can well be that the graduate has all the papers and the best grades they would require, yet the employer would rather choose to hire someone with experience and may consider school grades as something not as important.

This is especially true for certain careers such as IT and computers where a degree is often seen as less worth than actual skills and experience by many employers.

With an apprenticeship, graduates can  significantly increase their chances on the job market.

For starters, during an apprenticeship you are able to acquire all the necessary skills since you’ll be working “hands-on” in whatever field you choose for your career. This will look excellent on any resume!

Moreover, certain fields today require very specific training and qualifications. Think about particular computer certifications and similar qualification. During the apprenticeship you will often have the option to acquire this type of training as well and your boss may even pay for this.

For a large number of apprentices in the United Kingdom, their apprenticeship will turn into full-time employment. Obviously, the potential employer will have plenty of time during the apprenticeship to get an impression of your skills and value for their business. It is clear that an apprentice that is proven to be a good member of the team will then have priority over a person the employer doesn’t really know when they hire.

“Fire Prevention Week” At My Work

Posted on 6 November, 2014  in Blog, News

fire-extinguisherAt the clinic we had “fire prevention week” this past week and it actually quite interesting. For some of us it was a nice change of routine, especially for the guys who work in the lab.

What happened is that they had some guys coming over who showed everyone about the proper use of fire extinguishers, fire alarms and that kind of stuff.

It seems that my boss is also considering having a new fire prevention system installed, so they advised him about everything and also about the expected costs.

The guys from Argos Fire also explained about the law here in the UK, like the requirement for having dry risers installed depending on the specifications of the building.

They also said that once a dry riser system is installed (which is required by law here in UK) it needs to be maintained regularly with dry riser testing to see whether it still works all right.

In other words, fire safety here in the United Kingdom is much more than just buying a fire extinguisher then sit back and think it’s all done with. Especially for company owners it can be important to know about those regulations and requirements otherwise they may risk to be fined and in some cases even to those their license!


Do You Want To Become A Vet?

Posted on 6 July, 2014  in Education, Tips

If you have a passion for animals you may consider to become a vet. Without a question, this is a very satisfying but often also demanding profession.

For starters, if you want to be a vet you will need to go to university and take a veterinary degree. In many universities in the UK it is possible to obtain those degrees approved by the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons). Among those universities are Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London (the Royal Veterinary College) and Nottingham.

Here are more helpful resources for you:

There you can read up on all the requirements how you can become a vet in the United Kingdom.

If You’re Looking For A Good School in Hertfordshire

Posted on 5 July, 2014  in News, Tips

As so many we faced a really tough decision in regards to the education of our children. Either we have them go to a public school but then risk possibly that the children don’t get the best education they can have, or we have them go to a private school but then wouldn’t know how our children would do if they’re away from home for a lengthy amount of time. For some children, being sent to a private school could actually be rather traumatic.

3_2951_eThis is the reason we had a very thorough talk recently where we wanted to explain our children the benefits of an excellent independent school such as the Kingshottschool in Hertfordshire.

We wanted to know what our children think about this idea. We also had Mike and Lorena over with their two boys Andrew and Harry who are at this private school at the moment to get some real insight from them.

Turns out that Andrew and Harry really like this prep school and spent the entire afternoon convincing our children that they should definitely join with them.

I could see our children getting really big eyes especially when those other two told them about their frequent excursions, theater plays and especially about their sporting activities like soccer and rugby.

At the end of the day, our children really wanted to go there too and it seemed this couldn’t happen soon enough. Talk about a big surprise there since we really didn’t expect this to happen.

As for us parents and the Kingshottschool, it is one of the independent school Hertfordshire which I immediately liked based on what Andrew and Harry’s parents told us. I have to say that the idea being able to give your children the best education takes a huge burden of us now. I have no doubt in my mind that it will all turn out great for them. What we do now is basically a test-run where we signed our children up to see how it goes. Of course they can always choose to come back if for some reason they would not like their new independent school



Amazing Stats About Pets and Pet Lovers in the UK

Posted on 4 July, 2014  in News

Here are some amazing facts abut pets and pet lovers in the UK. According to an article at The Daily Mail

90% of people buy their pets a Christmas present and 66% a birthday gift
One in six owners spend more on pets than their partners
Pets in the UK on average have seven or more toys to play with
One sixth of all pet owners visits a professional pet groomer on a monthly basis
More than 70% of pet owners in the nation allow their pets to sleep with them in their bed!

Obviously, pets in the UK are pretty spoiled today! Britons certainly are not shying away from spending considerable amounts of money on their pets be it for healthy organic pet foods or the latest toys for their four-legged friends.

See for more!


My Big Passion: Horse Racing

Posted on 2 July, 2014  in Blog

It was about 10 years ago when I visited some local stables as part of my work. In this time I not only cared for a good number of horses, I’ve also gotten to really like horse racing which gradually developed into a real passion. Obviously, with my past of being a vet, the well-being of the horses was always my top priority. But here I can confidently say that the overwhelming majority of horse owners and jockeys treat their horses very respectfully and most of them have really a loving relationship with their animals.

Bob Rothman Provides Professional Horse Racing Tips

Bob Rothman Provides Professional Horse Racing Tips

Once I started to get interested in horse racing here in the United Kingdom I at first saw it more as an exciting and entertaining thing, not so much as something where I went to for the purpose of winning some money.

But this changed when I met several people at the tracks who seemed to make a pretty good living from the races alone. It didn’t make much sense to me that I barely every won while some others seemed to have some ways figured out to win a lot more often.

So I started to do some research there but couldn’t really find anything helpful for a year or two. This was until I came across the Horse Racing Pro website that is owned by Bob Rothman. It was actually Andrew who told me about it.

Bob Rothman is a seasoned horse racing professional who is now providing a service where he shares horse racing tips with others. According to his bio, his system is so good that he is now banned at almost any horse racing track in the United Kingdom.

When I signed-up with his horse racing tips subscription I can only describe it as that it opened my eyes in terms of how to win at the races consistently and it also taught me about all the mistakes to avoid when you’re betting at the horses.

Oh, and let’s not forget:I did of course start to win at the tracks! My losing streaks got far less until the winnings outweighed my losses. And this is only possibly with solid horse racing tips, tips from a professional and not some shady system. Because of that I can highly recommend that you check out Bob Rothman’s site if you’re into horse racing like I am!